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Butcher Billy – Seduced By The Dark Side

30.00 / Sold Out

Limited Edition : 500 copies
192 pages
Author : Frederic CLAQUIN
Publisher : Plan9 Entertainment
ISBN: 979-10-93398-11-2

The ARTtitude BOOTleg collection is a series of collector’s publications in a limited edition. Each BOOTleg is a personal sketchbook, a unique object that will allow you to fully discover an artist’s work. Original, homemade and with an ultra-selective distribution. That’s the DNA of this collection.

Welcome to Butcher Billy’s world! This is a fantastic illustrator, specialised in pop culture and mashup. His credo is about the combination of the iconic universes of music, cinema and videogames, with a view to creating something innovative and natural at the same time. He is able to associate the Sex Pistols to Super Mario, or Ian Curtis to Superman, and he can transform Billy Idol into Thor, or Ewan McGregor (version Transpotting) into Aquaman coming out of a toilet. This juxtaposition of underground universes is simply great, as is the case with his retro touch. His influences cover quite a broad spectrum, ranging from Banksy and Miyamoto to Malcolm McLaren, Crumb, Kirby, Kubrick and Warhol. He defines himself as a living mashup. He was born in the 70’s, grew up as a child in the 80’s and a teenager in the 90’s, and was raised by television and all that came plugged on it, like VCRs or videogames. That’s probably why his work is so meaningful to us !

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Seduced By The Dark Side teaser from Fred - Plan9 Entertainment on Vimeo.